Election results


It looks like we may have a new Mayor. With almost
85% of precincts reporting, Frank Klipsch has
67.20% of the votes and Bill Gluba has 32.51%

With 84.8% of precincts reporting it looks like our
two Aldermen-at-Large will be Kyle Gripp and Jason

With 100% of precincts reporting the 1st Ward
Alderman is again, Rick Dunn.

In the 2nd Ward, with 60% reporting Maria Dickmann
has 66.58% while incumbent Bill Edmond has 33.06%.

In the 3rd Ward, Bill Boom won by a 9% margin.

With 60% reporting in the 4th Ward, incumbent Ray
Amborse has 63.64% to David Sodemanns 33.94%.

The 5th Ward Alderman will be Rita Rawson.

Jeff Justin will be the 6th Ward Alderman again,
Mike Matson will be our 7th Ward Alderman, and
Kerri Tompkins retained her 8th Ward seat.

For more information, and the latest updates,
check the 10 o’clock news.
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