Don’t forget


Tomorrow we vote. I haven’t posted much about the
election as I feel too biased to give an honest
evaluation of the contenders. I will mention the
candidates again in case you forgot.

Bill Gluba, our current Mayor, is running against
Frank Klipsch who received more votes in the
primary election. I haven’t voted for Gluba once
and will not start now.

Four are running for Alderman-at-Large. One
incumbent, Jason Gordon, current 5th Ward Alderman
Barney Barney, first-time candidate Kyle Gripp, and
former Mayor Phillip C. Yerington. We believe
Gordon has a conflict of interest issue, Barnhill
has been around too long, and haven’t made up our
minds yet who we will vote for.

The incumbent 1st Ward Alderman is running
unopposed and we think he has done a good job so

In the 2nd Ward, Incumbent Bill Edmond is running
against Maria Dickmann. We feel Edmond has done a
good job so far also.

In the 3rd Ward, Incumbent Bill Boom is up against
Carlton Wills. This is the ward we’ll vote in and
we won’t vote for Boom. His solution to the street
racing fatality recently decided it for us.

In the 4th Ward, Incumbent Ray Ambrose faces David
Sodemann. If it were our ward we would go with
Ambrose. When the Casino grading costs came up he
was the only member on the council who knew
anything about it, and he backed it.

The 5th Ward has former Alderman Sheilia Burrage
running against Rita Rawson. We had no problem with
Burrage when she was Alderman and don’t know

Incumbent Jeff Justin is the only candidate in the
6th Ward.

And incumbent Mike Matson is running unopposed in
the 7th Ward.

8th Ward has incumbent Kerri Tompkins against Bob
Babcock. We believe Tompkins has done a good job.

Those are my thoughts. Due to scheduling conflicts
we were unable to attend any debates or meet and
greets this year. This hampered my ability to give
a fair and unbiased opinion.

So if you like an incumbent, vote for them. If you
think the current council is the root of our
problems, vote them out. We just ask that you get
out and vote.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Don’t forget

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    Bob Hope got a vote for at large position. Even though he has been dead for a while, I think he could do just as good of job. And, if he can still vote, why not serve?

  2. cruisin2 says:

    makes sense. I almost did something similar myself.

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