Reasoning with the Antique Farmer


I went over to visit Dad and we talked of those
who are longer with us, family, the farm, the
upcoming trip the wife and I are taking, and the
recent WHO declaration against bacon.

We got passed the deaths, the health of our
family, and our vacation alright, but the Antique
Farmer got animated when it come to learning that
the WHO declared processed meats and red meat are
as cancerous as smoking.

The minute it was out of my mouth I heard ‘bullshit!’
I reminded him not to shoot the messenger so he
said he’d been eating meat all his life and he is
90 years old. Then he asked what would happen to
all the hogs and cattle if people didn’t eat them.

I admitted I didn’t know and he asked me what I’d
been hearing about it. Reminding him everything is
a rumor at this point I told him one someone
would want to tax meat like they tax cigarettes. The
Antique Farmer said everything is too high now.

So I told him that another rumor is that the
government wouldn’t allow restaraunts to sell meat.
The look on his face was priceless before he asked
‘then who the hell would go out to eat?’

Saving what I thought was the best for last, I told
him that some scientists think animal farts add to
the pollution that is causing global warming. And
I again heard ‘bullshit!’

He thought for a bit and said that nobody was
taking his meat away in his lifetime. I swear
the man forgets he’s 90.

Not wanting to leave him in a snit I brought up
the farm and the wooden bridge over the creek that
groaned like a banshee when you ran a tractor over
it. He was calm when I left and I’d guess he was
daydreaming about running the old tractor over that
sorry looking bridge. But he still isn’t going to
give up his meat!
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6 Responses to Reasoning with the Antique Farmer

  1. windwalker54 says:

    He is the wisdom of this country and WHO and everyone else is just using idiocy to make declarations. I miss the older wiser folks that used to run our world when I was growing up.

  2. ekurie says:

    I like your dad. Our local grocery store recently had a “buy-2-get-3-free” pounds of bacon sale. If they do it again I’m happy to send him some.

  3. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    People have different systems and things affect us all differently. I am smoking since 1965, and no issues. Maybe the fear mongerers should blow out their own brains for the crap they peddle.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    they are dwindling in number and I think that’s how our country got
    in the mess we’re in.

    I’m sure he appreciates the offer, but he has more bacon in his freezer than we do in ours.

    amen to that. The difference is we used to just call them kooks but
    now they have a following.

  5. thescoundrel says:

    The Food Police are always out there watching and waiting to pounce. Its kind of like the long ago attacks on Saccharin. It caused cancer. Well as bad as it tastes no one I know used it that didn’t need to avoid regular sugars. So you either used it or desperately searched for an alternative. Now it seems every new artificial sweeter gets attacked by the food police. The funny part about the Saccharin test was to get the desired cancer results they had to force feed rats more of the product than a human could digest in a lifetime. Progressives never let a good chance to control your life get away.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    can’t argue with that. This bunch that wants to control our entire life must not have got the memo that if we like something we’re going to use it.

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