Change of plans

On Friday’s we’ve been posting upcoming car events
but have decided not to today. The sky is the color
of unpolished aluminum, the wind is picking up, and
the rain is on the way.


The last time it rained it rocked our house when
the thunder rolled. This is supposed to be a more
docile storm and we hope it is. It will rain as we
saw half the sky painted a vibrant red during sun
rise this morning on the way to get groceries.

I would not recommend a visit to the grocery store
when your sweet tooth is acting up. When we got
home and unpacked our purchases we noticed that
someone had really stocked up on sweets. I usually
get a pack of 6 Snickers and they were in a bag,
but I don’t remember getting packages of cookies or
a few bags of fun size candy bars. I will however
force myself to eat them all.

Yesterday the wife informed me that my cooking is
making her gain weight and I’ll have to learn how
to cook healthy. Yeah right. There is nothing
unhealthy about adding 6 slices of bacon to a
grilled cheese sandwich.

She even complained about the ice cream we had
after the grilled cheese claiming it was fattening.
It was no sale when I told her the Carmel Cow
Tracks ice cream was low fat. Evidently she hasn’t
heard of low fat caramel.

So we have agreed to disagree. I will continue to
eat junk food like a teenager and she can have her
diet plate. Now I go to find a pizza, some toasted
almond fudge ice cream, and a candy bar.
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