New kid on the block?

Axiel engines have been around since 1911 when the
Macomber Rotary Engine Company of Los Angeles
marketed one of the first axial internal-combustion
engines. It was a 7-cylinder, air-cooled engine with
variable compression ratios.

Fast forward to 1993 in New Zealand where Duke
Engines created several different engine and put
one in a car in 1999. The third generation of this
engine is a five-cylinder, 4-stroke internal
combustion engine.

The engine doesn’t sound bad either. So now we
can have an engine that weighs less, makes as much
or more power as what we have now, and can run on
different fuels. Not being much of a believer in
electric vehicles, this could be a game changer.

We could still have our tire shredding power with
less weight and still burn gas. There are fewer
moving parts which equates to longer life. Heck,
it could even save money at repair time.

Even though the engine has 5-cylinders it only
uses 3 spark plugs, and that would save money.
Better gas mileage would mean savings at the pump,
and with a decent set of pipes, the smiles per mile
would definitely be worth it.

We thank the friend who shared the link that
started this post. There are times when those who
think outside the box come up with some really neat
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