Changing times


Yes, it’s the 240th year for the U.S. Navy today
and as with any group around that long there have
been changes. Besides weaponry, which is always
changing, the latest change is in the uniform.

SecNav and the CNO have signed off on changes that
will be in full effect by around 2017. One of the
biggest changes is in the female uniform which is
being changed to appear more like the male uniform
in the name of uniformity and functionality.

SecNav said “These changes ensure greater
uniformity in our service and ceremonial dress, but
more importantly, they send a clear signal that we
are one in dress, one in standard and one in team.
As you look out across a group of sailors, you
ought to see, not female and male sailors, but

All that to announce a new ‘cracker jack’ unisex
jumper and dixie cup for all sailors. For female
sailors over the rank of E-7 a new cover (hat) has
been designed that resembles the male version but
available in smaller sizes and proportions.

Female sailors will also be allowed to carry
civilian handbags while in uniform as long as it
falls within specifications. There are more changes
but we just don’t have the heart to get into all
of them.

If you wish to just go here and look under
Important Information. Makes an old sailor wonder
what it would be like to serve today.

Enjoy the rest of the Nayy’s birthday, and if you
don’t like the Navy enjoy the day anyway.
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