Some news

Slightly opinionated, and no more biased than the
mainstream media. We have chosen news that you may
not have realized is happening or said media didn’t
care enough about to mention.


We have been hearing about incidents at stop
lights around town where a vehicle pulls up next to
you and a gun is pointed out the window at your
vehicle. No shots have been fired but two different
people have said it happened to them and they ran
the light. Please keep alert out there.

If Trey Gowdy releases more of Hillary’s emails
Monday, will she call it a right wing conspiracy
or ask what difference it makes?


We still wonder why the left is on the warpath
and demanding more gun control. Talk isn’t about
gun confiscation, yet. But the fact remains
stricter gun control will do nothing to stop the
violence. If you think we’re wrong just look at
the violence in cities that already have it.
Places like Detroit, New Orleans, or Chicago.

12% of Americans know that gun violence is down
from 1993 levels while over 50% believe it is higher.
We can thank the drive-by media for that fact.

We do like it when the elections roll around and
the politicians have to remind us of all the great
things they imagine they did. We find it hard to
listen to someone who is a legend in their own
mind and have a good set of lungs.


Recently we heard automakers are going to make an
automatic braking system standard so that when
somebody texting gets too close to another vehicle
the car would stop and avoid a collision thus
making our cars safer. Why not just turn off the
damn phone and pay attention.

Long ago, in country we remember well, driving
took all your concentration and there were few
distractions. Power steering and brakes were an
option few could afford, manual transmissions were
the norm, and blind spots were wider than a Buick.
Now cars practically drive themselves and the
government tells us the cars are still not safe.
Another case of don’t blame the user, blame the

And that’s the news you may not have heard, won’t
care enough to read, and if you do read will forget
before the day is done. Enjoy the day.
Comments are always welcome.


9 Responses to Some news

  1. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the reblog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Truth hurts. From

    Making rounds in the Internet is an image macro which describes how Jeanne Assam shot a church murderer in Colorado in 2007. The image praises her for pulling out her “legal, concealed gun”, then says you would never hear about her from the “Liberal Media, because she is an inconvenient fact in their war to disarm America”.

    According to the image, the liars who take credit for it are

    They are lying only by omission when it comes to the shooting and the heroic take-down by Ms. Assam. They are leaving out one important fact: Jeanne Assam was a retired cop and she was on duty as a security officer when she pulled out her “legal, concealed gun”.

    That’s a big omission, because the so-called liberal plan to disarm America would not extend towards Jeanne Assam. Even people calling for tighter gun control generally aren’t saying we should disarm cops and qualified security guards. In fact the Colorado Springs shooting might be a perfect example of the point that Liberal America is trying to make: It should be harder for deranged lunatics to get guns, and guns belong in the hands of properly trained public servants.

    Tea Party Community may be lying by omission about Assam, but they are lying directly about the media. The incident was covered at the time. In fact, the press coverage of Assam was extensive enough to be used as an example in this critique by NBC on the use of the word “exclusive”:

    I’m tired of these fake so called exclusives wherein networks make us to believe that the only place to have a certain of information. If you’re watching cable news Monday night, you might have seen interviews with Jeanne Assam, the volunteer security guard who killed the gunman at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. She was on CNN on Monday night as indicated in their exclusive banner and the next hour, she was on FOX News. If you tuned in to GOOD MORNING AMERICA on Tuesday morning, lo and behold, GMA exclusive.

    No one is trying to “disarm ‘Merica”. We want guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people and in the hands of trained civil servants. I would be quite happy for there to be fully trained, fully armed, publicly paid cops in every school and on every college campus America. So open up your wallet and pay the taxes needed to accomplish that.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    we knew all that before we posted it and that isn’t our point. Our point in posting that meme is that a gun on the scene saves lives
    AND if will work in a church it will work in our schools. Everybody says they want answers until they don’t agree with them.

  4. Nitrous55 says:

    Anon, you hear more about the other shootings than this one. Also, there are some talking about disarming “Merica”. Even an Iowa rep. And the tax hike would be for everyone but you, right?

  5. Anonymous says:

    No one is trying to “disarm ‘Merica”. We want guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people and in the hands of trained civil servants. I would be quite happy for there to be fully trained, fully armed, publicly paid cops in every school and on every college campus America. So open up your wallet and pay the taxes needed to accomplish that.

    Pretty sure that says I’m OK with guns that are in the hands of properly trained people. We actually agree kind of sorta. Guns on the scene in the hands of a properly trained person who is there for the purpose of providing security. Remember, there was a concealed carry permitted man at Gabby Gifford’s shooting who didn’t pull his gun because he wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t know if the police would shoot him when they showed.

    I’ll pay whatever my share of taxes need to be with no complaint. And the “Liberal, Drive-by media” did cover this just as much as it covers the unfortunate slaughters. Again, the conservative right sounds like a bunch of victimized whiners. Seriously.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    First, you cannot legislate mental illness. At
    best one can only speculate if someone is mentally
    ill or not unless they’ve had a total break with

    As for ‘trained’ civil servants having guns, I
    noticed you didn’t mention the rest of us. As a
    veteran who served his hitch in the weapons
    division your statement says it is not alright for
    me to own weapons.

    I also don’t want to pay more taxes for a problem
    that is political in nature. And if you think we
    sound like victimized whiners, please come for our
    guns. I’m willing to die to defend my right to have
    them. Whose willing to die to attempt to take that
    right away?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are you really saying saying that 22 children killed in Connecticut, 8 people killed in Oregon, etc., etc., etc., are a “political problem”?

  8. cruisin2 says:

    well I certainly didn’t make the schools Gun Free zones.

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