Primary election update


The polls are closed and the votes have been
counted. Here are the results.


Frank Klipsch recieved 55.75% of the votes
Current Mayor Bill Gluba recieved 31.94% and
both will move on to the general election.

Alderman at Large

Kyle Gripp recieved 29.24%
Barney Barnhill got 21.96%
Phillip C. Yearington got 21.75%
Incumbent Jason Gordon got 19.93% and they will
be in the general election.

2nd Ward Alderman

Maria Dickmann got 57.35%
Incumbent Bill Edmond got 37.37% and they will be
on the ballot.

4th Ward Alderman

Incumbent Ray Ambrose got 55.02%
David Sodemann got 30.89% and they will be in the
general election.

5th Ward Alderman

Rita Rawson got 45.66%
Sheilia Burrage got 38.03% and they’ll competete
in the general election.

In the primary two years ago only around 2% of
eligible voters voted, this year that number was
10.20%. Job well done for those who exercised their
right to vote.
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2 Responses to Primary election update

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    Dale got a lot of votes even though he dropped out. After voting for Phil, I just didn’t care enough of the others, I just had to send a vote to Dale.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    we noticed that. Some incumbents should be worried.

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