The candidates


Tonight there will be a debate between the
candidates for our Mayor. It will be held at
United Neighbors at 7 pm until 8:30 pm. We can’t
make the debate, but here are the candidates.

Bill Gluba has been our mayor since 2007. He was
born in Davenport and got a bachelor’s degree in
political science from St. Ambrose University.

Frank Klipsch is a retired CEO of the Scott
County Family Y who believes leadership isn’t
something you retire from.

Dave Hereid is 41, a former volunteer firefighter
who wants to end wasteful spending, and deal with
the infraatructure. He graduated from Clinton
High School and attended Scott Community College.

Dean Weber runs a street sweeper for the city
who says he knows every pothole in town and wants
to fix them.

It is no secret we don’t like Gluba’s tax and
spend progressive viewpoint or his anti-gun stance.
We think Klipsch would be Gluba-lite, like what
we’ve heard from Hereid, and don’t know enough
about Weber. If you can make the debate, it is a
good way to get a feel for the candidates when you
are undecided.

The primary election is Tuesday and these four
will be pared down to two. We will also vote for
Alderman-at-Large, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Ward
Aldermen in this primary.

Who we vote for Tuesday will determine who is in
the general election next month. Please take the
time to vote and have a say in the future of our
Comments are always welcome.


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