The law of the hammer


This law was popular in the 1960s and if you are
of that era you may remember it. It goes like this-
If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like
a nail.

Some say this addressed the tendency of the time
to adapt the job to the tools instead of adapting
tools to the job. Others said it related to
politics; if there is a government agency, this
proves something needs regulating.

Another group thinks it is a test. A narrow
minded person will look for nails to pound while
the open minded soul sees a screwdriver, a mallet,
a pry bar, a lever, and perhaps a golf club for a
very short person.

Why are we thinking of this now? Politics. Every
time an election draws close we get mailers, phone
calls, and see candidates daily on our TVs. Streets
get fixed, grand new plans are announced, and we
get reminded of all the great things the incumbents
did during their terms and what the new faces will
do differently if elected..

And yet the system is broken. Most times we can’t
tell a Democrat from a Republican unless we glance
at the screen to see who’s lying. The blue and the
red have become so intertwined that both parties
have a purple tinge.

The donkey and the pachyderm has become a hybrid
donkyderm! Stubborn as hell and too big to move.
And some of us haven’t noticed. The approval rating
of our Congress is in the sub-basement yet the same
people keep getting re-elected even though we don’t
like what they’re doing.

We have to inform them that their only job isn’t
to keep their seat. It is to uphold and defend the
Constitution of the United States.
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