Of spiders, strollers, and carburetors

Watched a video yesterday on the effect drugs had
on the common wood spider. We have to admit it was
informative, educational, and different. We’ll
share it with you.

Our youngest called and mentioned a contraption
that was a stroller, bassinet, and car seat. It
brought to mind sweeping chrome fenders, more
levers than a drag car transmission, and weight.
But after he explained it made sense.

It’s his fault I got the look from the wife as I
got things turned around in the translation when
I mentioned it to her later. I told her that they
got a stroller that was a car seat and played
music. I got bassinet confused with castanets.

In for a penny I acted out a castanet player and
said it would soothe the baby and lull her to
sleep. After getting the look again she explained
that if I acted like that around the child it would
scare the hell out of her and she’d start

I know when I’m licked, even though I thought it
was great idea, and moved on. Later, when I went to
start her car so she could go to work, I noticed the
man in moon looked like someone put his head in a
vise. Just as the wife came out of the house I
looked up and said “Oooooh noooo!” in my best Mr.
Bill voice. It couldn’t be helped.

While all this was going on I got a carburetor
question from 2,000 miles away about how to I.D.
a Holley 4-barrel. Since I have rebuilt a few in
my time I gave the two most likely locations of the
numbers to do said I.D.

When I asked what the carb was on a feeling hit me
that we weren’t talking about a Holley but a Ford.
They look similar but there are differences. If it
is a Ford carburetor I have a data sheet that will
tell you everything about it except the name of the
person who assembled it.

That should prove I’m not crazy. I just don’t like
being labeled normal. Keep the shiny side up and
enjoy the weekend.
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