Who would have thunk it?

On this date in 1948 a motorcycle manufacturer
incorporated his company. The company has since
built a good many cars too. Yes, today is the
day Soirchiro Honda incorporated the Honda Motor


And today a dream of mine went up in smoke. I’ve
been looking for a project for a few years now and
putting pencil to paper to render a likeness of
what said project would look like done.

Then today after reading the newspaper I cruised
the information highway to catch up on the news
from the car scene. Imagine my surprise when I came
across a picture of a Model A pickup set up like my
dream project. Same color, same flames, same tires
and wheels!

I’m sure it didn’t have the drive-train I
envisioned, but with the full hood it was hard to
tell. Mine would have a nailhead engine backed by
a LaSalle transmission running into a quick-change
rear end and knee action shocks.

So now it’s back to the drawing board. I do know
where there is a clean Pinto wagon already set up
for a Ford V-8. Problem with that is it is about
34 years too new for my liking.

There is BMW rag-top with a blown motor not too
far away. Wonder if a small block would fit? When
life hands you lemons, make a vodka sour and enjoy
the day.
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