Things went FUBAR


You may have noticed we didn’t get a post up
yesterday. Somehow gremlins got into our computers
and raised havoc. We always thought that with a
desk top and a couple laptops that if such a
problem arose one would function. We were wrong.

After going through the main computer, my tablet
and laptop we had the problem resolved. But as
happens at such times I didn’t bother watching the
clock and ended up having dinner around midnight.

This morning the wife mentioned she wanted to go
to Wally World to get a watch battery replaced. No
problem I thought, a half hour then on to business.
It was not to be.

After waiting at the jewelry counter for some time
I approached a cashier who said she’d get someone
over there. After another wait the wife took off
and came back with a manager who claimed she would
help. It didn’t work that way because she said she
wouldn’t work on an expensive watch as she didn’t
want to damage it.

So we departed Wally World and cruised to our local
Mall where several jewelers were located. We
outsmarted ourselves because we got to the Mall a
full hour before said jewelers opened. We decided
to try a department store, that was open and had a
jewelry department, only to told they didn’t sell
batteries. The saleswoman recommended Batteries+
and we again were cruising toward yet another
destination to find a watch battery.

Things went much better at the last stop and
within 5 minutes we were back in the car with a
working watch on the wife’s arm. By the time we got
back home it was lunch time and half the day was
shot. So after lunch I went outside and watched a
hawk circling the sky for several minutes then came
to the conclusion it is a great day after all.
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6 Responses to Things went FUBAR

  1. Stopped wearing a watch many years ago. Tough to tell what time it is on a cloudy day but then again I’m working for my self now so…

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Mike Fuller Author,
    I also stopped wearing a watch but the wife is a nurse and needs one to work. I don’t really miss mine.

  3. ekurie says:

    Did you upgrade to MS 10?

  4. cruisin2 says:

    no. I haven’t added anything except software for a new camera and it was working fine. The wife said her laptop did the same thing at work.

  5. gh0stpupp3t says:

    My watch doesn’t need a new battery yet. It’s digital bc I can’t read the analog ones.

  6. cruisin2 says:

    if I had digital I’d set to military time to confuse the wife.

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