Great days

It has been one of those days when the sky is the
color of room temperature solder when it isn’t
raining and dark as night when it is. And I’ve been
grinning all day.

We got all our shopping and errands done before
the rain started and everything put away before we
got bored. As much as I like being outside, I do
feel blessed on rainy days. Once the work is done
and our tummies are fed I can look for that one
special something that makes my smile so big the
wife thinks I’m up to something.

It could be article that is so ridiculous it makes
us laugh, a song you see while watching the radio,
or a video you find looking for a different one.
That is how I came across the following that had me
cruising down memory lane with my arm around my
sweetie and a full tank of gas.

In less than seven minutes it summed up my early
childhood with the exception of not showing a nun
with a ruler. After all, we all know the first 40
years of childhood are the hardest.

So turn up the speakers, stroll back in time, and
enjoy a little break.
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