The chat


An intellectual friend stopped by today as this
redneck was doing some yard work. To make it even
more agreeable, he offered to help. So I cut brush
and he tied it into bundles. After I got as much of
the bush removed as I wanted, and he got it tied
into bundles I suggested we stop and have an ice
cold lemonade.

As we were sitting on the back stoop cooling off
we had a chat. He talked of going to a session
of transcendental meditation which he thought
would relieve his stress. Evidently he didn’t get
it because he claimed all they did was tell him
to clear his mind and sit still for 10 minutes.

After the class he talked to a woman who also took
the class figuring to find the answer. Turns out he
was wrong as she told him to keep doing it and peace
would come. He just wouldn’t know when it happened,
just that it had happened.

So I said it sounded like Tai Chi in that I didn’t
realize I’d gotten it until I used it. Then came
the inevitable question of how long it took to get
to that point. Answering that was like trying to
put panties on a crocodile, it can be done but it
isn’t easy.

I explained that health wise it only took about a
week for me to start feeling better. But the better
balance and automatic response took longer. I ended
with the fact that one wouldn’t notice if it was
working until you needed it.

Then he said he had tried yoga but didn’t like it
because he couldn’t get into the positions that
were required. So I explained you could do Tai Chi
for health as well as self defense and if you could
breath while moving slowly you could do it.

After showing him a few stances and talking him
through the timing of the breathing he said he
would think about and look for a beginners class.
I sure hope he tied them bundles tight.
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