The unanswerable question

When I go out late at night to talk to the man in
the moon we don’t always come up with solutions to
the world’s problems. Sometimes we seek answers
regarding the questions we all ask ourselves at
some point in our lives that have no answers.


Last night we discussed one such a question and
of course couldn’t come to an agreement as to an
response. Yes we’re talking about the two-pronged
poser of ‘Did cavemen get cavities and if they did
who fixed the problem?

We see pictures of archaeological digs that uncover
dinosaur eggs, skeletons of long extinct animals,
rudimentary tools and weapons, and pottery but have
never seen an eons old Dentist office. And we
remember photographs of cave paintings that show
hunting and daily life, but no Dentists. Could it
be because they lived in a sugar free, pre-processed
food time that they didn’t get cavities?

Or, since toothbrushes aren’t found with other
artifacts could it be they had so much plaque on
their teeth it sealed the cavities and they didn’t
know they had them?

Perhaps if they did get cavities they just somehow
removed the tooth. We realize that our caveman
ancestors would have no need for a shoe repair shop
or access to a Starbuck’s, but where is the carbon
dated proof that they had specialists to work on
their teeth?

If we remember our history right, the cavemen ate
meat and vegetables, had fire to cook it on at some
point, and lived shorter lives. But we don’t recall
any expert on pre-historic oral hygiene. Were they
just tough old birds who sucked up the pain and
dealt with it?

We did decide the problem couldn’t be the sugar in
our diets today that caused cavities. That would be
like saying a Snicker’s a day doesn’t keep the
Doctor away!
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