Of monkeys and men


Earlier this year Dr. Ben Carson said ” I believe I came from God,
and you believe you came from a monkey, and you’ve
convinced me you’re right.” That would explain a lot.

America has been inundated with people who believe
they are victims, are outraged at their living
conditions, and blame their circumstances on us.
Flags are racist, white people are the reason
black people can’t get ahead, the greedy
corporations are keeping them from obtaining the
American dream, and so on.

But here is the real deal. Someone is responsible
for the problems these people face, it just isn’t
who they think it is. They run around making noise
and trying to make everyone else’s life miserable
and all they have to do to find an answer is look
in the mirror.

We are supposed to be a higher life form than
animals with cognitive thinking yet every time
something doesn’t go their way they crap in their
own kitchen.

By that we mean that burn down their own
neighborhood, loot their own stores, and cause mass
destruction. And when the smoke clears who do they
blame? Why the police, us white folks, and slavery.

The time is past due for personal accountability
to make a return. If you aren’t happy with your
station in life, change it. If you riot, loot, and
burn things down, you go to prison. AND pay for
what you have destroyed and stolen.

If you chant that you want to kill other people
you should be labeled a hate group and if you act
on said threats should be treated as a terrorist.
We don’t know why you insist on acting like this
but it doesn’t impress us and will not improve your
life. If you want respect, stop acting like the
monkey and start acting like the trainer.
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