Just the facts

Lately it seems some of us are mad about something
somebody else did or said, or was supposed to have
done or said so we thought we’d clear up one of the
misconceptions being told as truth.


We are going to discuss gun violence. One of the
biggest lies being spread as gospel is that
America is teeming with gun violence when other
countries have none.

List of countries by firearm-related death rate” by JroehlOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons.

If Honduras averages 64.80 gun deaths per 100,000
people how can we be the most violent country when
we average 10.64 deaths per 100,000. You may also
notice that we are not in the top 10 either.

And we hear when a member of law enforcement kills
a black person and people are outraged. Well lets
take a look. In Baltimore 80% of gun deaths are gang
related, in Chicago 80% of gun deaths are gang
related, and in New Orleans 35-55% of all gun
deaths are gang related.

Let’s look at some numbers. There are about 32,000
gun related fatalities a year in these United
States. Of those 60% are ruled suicides and 3% are
ruled accidents. The remaining 37% are ruled as
homicides. That figures out to around 12,000 actual
homicides a year. Quit fudging the numbers to make
your cause look better.

Now lets take a look at gun deaths by race in our
states. In Illinois the gun death rate for whites
is 5.8 per 100,000 people and the rate for blacks
is 24.3. But this prove your point you say. No,
because 80% of gun homicides in Illinois is due to
gang violence and not white policemen.

So the numbers say about 30,000 of us die each
year by gun violence. Here are some other things
that kill us every year. 796,000 Americans die each
year of major cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s
kills 84,767, and alcohol kills 29,001.

Transportation accidents
killed 46,749 of us in
2000 alone! Should we ban cars? Just saying.
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