Mr. Bill in the moon

After we spent 3 and a half hours at the cemetery
taking care of business we came home and things got
back to normal. It was an interesting experience
that I hope we don’t have to repeat.

Dwight was helping us with our planning and we got
him laughing so hard he had to redo some of the
forms. It all started when the wife caught me
putting the “wrong” wedding date on my form. I just
wish she’d remember the “right” date.

So later when I went out to start her car so she
could go to work she asked me what I was looking
at. And I said doesn’t the moon look like Mr.
Bill’s face when he gets hurt? I swear it looked
just like when Mr. Bill got his hand caught in the
car door.

It was so obvious a blind man could see it but I
live with a woman with no imagination. Earlier
today she even told me I was never 19. I remember
bits and pieces of that time and think, but can’t
swear, it was not part of a dream.

Locally in the news, it looks like we’re going to
have a few things to vote on in the primary. The
Mayor’s slot, the 2nd Ward Alderman, and Alderman
at Large since Barnhill and Yerington filed their
papers today. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

If nothing else it does stay interesting in our
little spot on the east coast of Iowa. We’ll keep
you posted so remember to keep the shiny side up.
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