A cruise and the candidates


Saturday the wife and I took a 50 mile cruise to
the hometown of George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.
While a multi-lane interstate highway is the route
chosen by most, we went on two-lane blacktop past
miles of spikes of corn reaching for the sky.

We noticed that one side of the road had soybeans
waving in the wind with corn on the other dancing
in the breeze. The sun was shining, the flutter of
the winds refreshing, and the blacktop uncluttered
of other cars.

Oh yeah, you’re probably wondering who George
Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. was. He is best known
as the creator of the very first Ferris wheel ever
built. It was built for the 1893 Chicago World’s
Columbian Exposition. And he was born in Galesburg,
Illinois in 1859.

Now that we’re at the end of one week and the
beginning of another we got to wondering who had
filed papers for what position on our city council
as of close of business Friday. After checking we
discovered that some are playing the waiting game
as filing ends this Thursday.

Here is a list of names of those who have filed.

For Mayor of Davenport Dave Hereid, Frank Kilpsch,
and Dean Webber have filed.

For Alderman at Large Kyle Gripp has filed.

For 1st Ward Alderman Rick Dunn.

For 2nd Ward Alderman Maria Dickmann, incumbant
Bill Edmond, and Jim Kealoha have filed.

For 3rd Ward Carlton Wills has filed.

For 4th Ward David Sodermann has filed.

For 5th Ward Sheilia Burrage.

For 6th Ward Jeff Justin.

For 7th Ward Mike Matson.

And for 8th Ward Kerri Thompkins.

We’re sure by 5 pm Thursday the list will be
longer but for now those listed above are running.
A update will posted Wednesday or Thursday.
Comments are always welcome.


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