Oraganized thievery


Another day, another dollar used to mean a
recognition of a balance in our lives, normalcy,
and routineness. Since we feel that no longer
applies to those of us who work for a living we
feel a panel should be formed to locate a new

We’ll explain. Our day started alright as the
newspaper was read but changed when we looked at
the latest edition of the Amac Advantage magazine.
In an article titled “What happened to that dollar
you Earned?” the next line was “How the government
confiscates almost half of it.”

In this article Gerry Hafer writes that this year
we will spend $4.8 trillion on federal, state, and
local taxes. To put that in perspective, that is
about 10% more then we’ll spend on food, clothing,
and housing combined.

He also states that “Tax Freedom Day”, the day
that satisfies your annual federal, state, and
local taxes occured on April 24th. That is a day
later than last year and a full week later than
two years ago.

With the federal debt at $18+ trillion a study by
the Heritage Foundation had bad news for new
parents. If you had a child in 2014 the child owes
$41,000 and that would climb to $142,000 by the
time they reach age 24.

But we have to pay taxes you say. And we agree,
but are we getting the bang for our buck? Here are
some things our fearless leaders have spent the tax
dollars on. Congress recently spent $2.4 billion on
10 new jets the military does not want nor will
use. And the fraud loses in the Medicare system
which is estimated to be $60-$100 billion annually.

Then we have the fact that the federal government
wastes around $750 billion on unnecessary or poorly
delivered services and needless costs. And we have
the $3.5 million study to determine why lesbians
are obese and the $2.8 billion in Obamacare
subsidy payments that the administration can’t even
say are legitimate.

Another day, another fifty cents just doesn’t do
it for us.
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8 Responses to Oraganized thievery

  1. ekurie says:

    so wonder what would happen if we the people really were in charge, fired everybody, everybody, all the alpabet soups– irs, epa, fda, usda, nps, all the way to obama. probably wouldn’t take all that long to put everything back together before anyone noticed anything was missing.

  2. When you add up all the taxes, licenses and fees, its more like 71 cents of every dollar goes out.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Charles Mabry,
    I’ve thought the same thing myself, but the article said about half.

  4. Ankur Mithal says:

    And governments, around the world, seem to think that the reason they have been elected is so they can keep asking people to give more and more to themselves and, to their hair-brained schemes, and make out that they are doing everyone a favour.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    Ankur Mithal,
    can’t argue that train of thought.

  6. Nitrous55 says:

    And yet, we keep electing them back in.

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