Get ready…


The sand is running into the bottom of the hour
glass and time is getting short for those who wish
to run for elected office in our city. Ten days
left and counting.

And it looks like there may be a line to file the
requesite papers. There are now 4 running for mayor,
at least 2 for 2nd Ward, the 5th Ward Alderman may
give up that seat to run for At-large, one sitting
Alderman-at-large is not running for re-election,
and 8th Ward is looking like a two candidate race.

After some hitches in the giddyup lately it now
seems the citizens are restless. Things could
change drastically or remain almost the same as
they are now, but there will be some new faces on
the city council.

We do live in interesting times in our river city
on the east coast of Iowa in the good old U.S. of
A. We would wish everyone luck but also know there
can only be one winner for each seat.

Soon the yard signs will be out, the junk mail
will flow as freely as the robo-calls, and campaign
promises will be a dime a dozen culminating in a
sleepless election night.

In the meantime, we’ll try to keep track of who is
running for what office and what platform they’re
running on.
Comments are always welcome.


2 Responses to Get ready…

  1. Nitrous55 says:

    Still say Gluba or one just like him will get in. Same as the rest of the council.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    there will be at least 1 or 2 new faces this go round. It will be interesting to follow at any rate.

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