Air under the tires

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to wheelies
lately. Also called wheelstands by some and a huge
rush to those of us who pulled them. Wheelies can
be done on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, race cars,
and pulling tractors, and any vehicle with enough

Some believe the first wheelie was done in 1890 by
bicyclist Daniel J. Canary. The longest wheelie on
record is 145 miles rode by Doug “The Wheelie King”
Domokos. It had even been said that wheelies played
a part in World War II. The first photograph of a
car wheelie dates back to 1936. The photo below is
titled “American Legion in Cleveland”.


Tractor wheelies were a bit different. Here is an
old traction engine (steam) tractor that pulls a
wheelie near the end of this short video.

And here is a little newer model, a John Deere B.

A vehicle called the Little Red Wagon really put
wheelies on the map.

This video will show a variety of wheelstanders we
remember well.

For the record, this whole idea got stuck in head
after a friend asked me if I was going to build
another Model A that could do wheelies. When I
built the one he referred to I was young and
indestructible and 40+ years later I am not. There
may be another Hemi-powered A in my future but it
won’t pop wheelies.
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