Sunday snicker


There comes a time when Satan is plotting in Hell.

“Hmmmm,” he thinks, ” I bet I could make a better
computer program than that good-for-nothing savior

So Satan goes to heaven to challenge Jesus.
“Jesus,” satan says, “we will both create a new
windows program. The time limit will be 10
minutes. Whoever’s program is better, wins!”

So Jesus and Satan take up chairs at opposite
GodLight20,000 computers and begin typing. Fingers
flying across the keyboards, they both type over
90,000,000,000,000 lines of code a minute. Huge,
lengthy lines of code appear on both screens. Just
before the 10 minute time is up, the power in
heaven goes out. After a few seconds, the power
comes back on.

“AHHHHHHHHHH,” screams Satan, staring at a blank
screen. “My Program!”

Jesus calmly restarts his computer and looks over at
Satan, grinning.

“But…you had to lose yours too!” Satan yells. Jesus
types a couple of keystrokes and WhirwhirBliip…..
His program pops onto the screen.

“Huh?” Satan cries. “How?”

Then a nearby angel of God replies, “Haven’t you
figured it out by now? Jesus Saves!”
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