Cruising the past to the future

While a cruise down memory lane can be blissful
there are times when technology makes you think
the future looks pretty good as well.

Cruising down memory lane we come across a rare
car known to a few but easily recognizable. If you
have never seen a Hudson Italia this picture by
Motohide Miwa will help.


The bodies were aluminum and the styling ahead
of its time, yet they were powered by an L-head
6-cylinder engine and a 3 speed manual
transmission. They were designed by Frank
Spring of Hudson and Carlo Felice Bianchi
Anderloni at Carrozzeria Touring in Italy.
Only 26 were ever built and we’ll tell you

In 1955 the Italia retailed for $4,800 FOB Detroit.
That was double the cost of a brand new
Thunderbird, $1,866 more than a new Corvette,
$1,132 more than a new Kaiser Darrin, and $495 more
than a new Cadillac Coupe de Ville!

Combining both the past and with a nod to the
future is the Rhino. This go anywhere futuristic
vehicle began in the mind of Elie Angindes and
after 5 years of r & r the video shows what
rolled out of his Indiana factory. It was even
featured in Popular Science magazine.

Now technology brings another strange vehicle into
our midst. At least if we live in France. Ever hear
of a SwinCar Spider? It is one of the craziest off
road vehicles we’ve seen in a while but if you
don’t believe us, we have a video.

If you paid attention you can now amaze your
friends and bore others with the worthless facts
contained here. No need to throw money at us, we
do it because we love it.
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