Of stray dogs and welfare

We will forewarn you that some might find this
offensive. Here’s the deal. I don’t believe all
those on welfare are cheats or multi-generational
families who believe just because they were born in
America the rest of us have to take care of them.
But some are. And if likening people to dogs offends
you this isn’t for you.

A friend shared an articles about Moscow’s subway
dogs and my imagination lit up like a Christmas
tree. Moscow has 35,000 stray dogs and around 500
of them live in the Moscow subway. Of those 500
about 50 of them have deduced how to ride said
subway to another subway station where food is more


On any given morning these dogs will board the
subway in the outskirts of Moscow and ride them to
the center of the city to forage for food. The dogs
can recognize the correct stops by smell. After a
day of hunting and/or begging for food the dogs
take the subway back to the suburbs. These dogs
have evolved to the point that they know to take
the first and last cars of the day to avoid a mass
of humanity.

Here in America we have people we do nothing more
than complain we need to take care of, finance,
and help raise their families as they can’t. If the
welfare payment is late, or there is any talk of
cuts to their benefits, these same people get
irate and demand to know who is going to take care
of them. Granted these people are the minority of
all getting assistance but they they are a very
vocal minority.

A solution would be to import the subway dogs from
Russia and assign the dogs to those who believe
welfare is a right. Then when payments are late
said imported dogs could show these people how to
use the subway to get to a food source. The dogs
could even show them how to get back home on the
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2 Responses to Of stray dogs and welfare

  1. ekurie says:

    I think, knowing dogs, most would turn down this job. Of course it would depend on the dog.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    you’re probably right. I just didn’t see that hitch with my imagination.

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