We don’t do many public service announcements as
not many interest us. But after we uncovered a
devious online plot against us tool lovers we have
to spread the word.

I don’t normally visit eBay because online
transactions involving my monies bother me. Yet as
I perused all the shiny tools and was wiping my
drooling mouth, I saw the following.


My heart rate sped up and I was breathing heavy as
I clicked the ‘buy now’ icon. After entering all
the requested information and getting confirmation
I relaxed. When the tools arrived I just had to get
a picture before tearing the plastic to get these
puppies in hand.

It was then I discovered the plot. As of this
minute we do not have a loose screw, untightened
bolt, or hanging thread in our home or garage. I’ve
been busier than a cat covering crap!

The more uses you find the more you look for. We
may even buy some Coke in bottles to use the bottle
openers. This smells of a conspiracy. If they could
bake a pizza I’d have bought another set.

So tread carefully on the information highway when
you visit these sites. I rechecked and did not find
a warning that something like this could happen. Not
even a ‘may cause excessive tinkering’ meme. There
ought to be a law.
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