What is wrong with us?


Once again we’ve been cruising information highway
in search of the answers to the questions we all
have and some lose sleep over. In this excursion
we decided to look into “what is wrong with our

Some say corrupt politicians, others cite the fact
that we continue to re-elect said politicians,
another percentage may claim illegal aliens, but we
believe the answer is some of the above.

Have you given much thought to laws that didn’t
make sense when passed, are still on the books to
this day, and we doubt were ever enforced? Here are
a handful with a link at the end to all 50.

It is a state law in Alabama that you can’t wear a
fake moustache that causes laughter in church.

Alaska law make it illegal to wake up a bear to
get a picture of said bear.

California law states you will be fined if you
detonate a nuclear device.

You can’t get married on a dare in Delaware.

In Idaho it’s against the law for motorists or
pedestrians to scowl or grimace.

Illinois makes it illegal to toss midgets in bars.
It is legal in other parts of the city if you have
a permit.

Here in Iowa a one-armed piano player must play
for free.

It is required by Kentucky law that you register
all nude people in your home.

In Maine, you can’t buy a car on Sunday unless it
has plumbing.

It is illegal to fish for whales in Nebraska.

You can’t sell cabbage on Sunday in New Jersey.

In Ohio, you can’t kill a housefly within 160
feet of a church.

In South Dakota it is illegal to sleep in a cheese

Texas law states criminals must notify their
victims 24 hours in advance of the crimes not yet

And in Washington all lollipops are banned.

If your state isn’t mentioned, or you’d like to
see the entire list, go here.

We’re sure that after you see the list of laws you
will agree that our entire country has been insane
for some time.
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