Weekend diversions

Heat indexes should go the way of the buggy whip.
When it is 90+ degrees out with 70%*+ humidity, I
know its hot. Nobody wants to hear the heat index
is 107!

And with that out of the way we turn to things
mechanical and fun to look at. Here are a few
events and whatever starts our engines.

Ongoing through Saturday is the Two-cylinder Expo
XXV in Waterloo, Iowa and the Corvette Homecoming
in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Saturday, July 18 the following events are going

The Rollin’ in the Oldies Cruise-In will be held
at NorthPark Mall in Davenport, Iowa. Hosted by the
River Valley Classics this event has a suggested
$2 spectator fee. If we remember correctly this one
spot lights the 55′ Chevy. Starts at 5 pm.

The Vintage Cruisers of SE Iowa Car Show will be
at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa, Iowa.

The 16th Annual Chief Wapello Days Car Show will
be in Wapello, Iowa.

The 1st Annual “Big M” Mopar Car Show will be in
Pontiac, Illinois.

And the Walcott Day Car Show will be in Victory
Park in Walcott, Iowa.

Then did you wonder what would happen if you
stuffed a blown V-8 into a VW Golf and turned it
into a pulling machine how it would do? Well here’s
your answer.

Since we’re in a good mood we chose a movie from
1978. Yes, we’re talking ‘Animal House’.

For our melody of the moment we’ll go with Ray
Stevens and ‘You Didn’t Build That’.

So now you know its hot here, where the local car
events are, watched a movie, and heard Ray Stevens.
Our job here is done, time for a pizza.
Comments are always welcome.


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