An amazing story

We have a lot of groups here in America that use
the word ‘Pride’ in their name. Off the top of our
heads Gay Pride and Mexican Pride come to mind. And
all are welcome here.

But we have an even bigger group that shows their
pride with little fanfare and no logo, flag, or
mission statement. This group is the one that takes
great pride in our country and those who have
defended her.

Brian Avey is a member of the latter group and we
had never heard of him until today. Mr. Avey is a
server at a restaurant in Tacoma who technically
broke the law to allow a female veteran to one last
drink with her brother.

The military woman came into the restaurant around
noon and ordered two beers; a Blue Moon and a
Corona. You vets know where this is going. Avey
told the soldier that Washington state law would
allow 1 beer for one person.

The soldier explained the Corona wasn’tfor her,
it was for her brother who died in the service of
our country in Iraq. The restaurant picked up the
tab for her brother’s beer and the soldier wrote a
short note on the receipt. It said: “Thank you. An
act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to
me. Have a great rest of your day.”


After she left the place Avey found he couldn’t
just pour the brother’s full beer down the drain,
so he put it on top of the cooler next to the
American flag. When his manager came around he
explained what he did expecting to into trouble.
His boss simply replied “That’s fine, just do me a
favor, put a fresh lime in it every morning.”

And that is what pride is really all about. We
thank Mr. Avey and his manager for their selfless
display of pride in our fallen.
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