Some PC news

Before we get to the meat of recent news we
Privileged Caucasians may just have an anthem, so
give this song a listen and see what you think.

There is a group we’ve been following for the
simple fact that it looks like they can’t tell
the truth. The group is called Occupy Democrats,
was founded in 2012 as a counterbalance to the
Republican Tea Party and to give President Obama
and other progressive Democrats a Congress that
will work with them to grow the economy, create
jobs, promote fairness and fight inequality, and
get money out of politics.


When I first saw the meme above I laughed so hard
half my coffee shot out my nose and the other half
didn’t stay in the cup! It would appear they are
serious but they left out the facts.

So we checked Wikipedia, who checked with the BLS or
Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you click the link
and scroll down to ‘Job creation by term’ the facts
are Obama jumped to a 2% increase in jobs in his
second term. And we don’t believe the increase was
that big but the only information we could find
came from the BLS.

If they don’t keep shipping the bull our way we
won’t go all redneck on them. Of course I am saying
that with my fingers crossed behind my back. Enjoy
your Monday night.
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