Cruiser 1, raccoon 0


I found out last night the water got high enough
at one point to knock out our water heater. Once
the water was removed a fan was placed on the floor
to dry out the basement. And at 1:45 this
morning the water heater was relighted.

I came upstairs, cleaned up, and got ready for a
good six hour nap. The wife had other ideas and got
me up at 6 a.m. for a trip to the local Farm & Fleet.
I gulped down a cup of coffee and we cruised to
the north end of town only to find said purveyors
of all things farm and outdoors didn’t open until
8 am.

No problem. We just backtracked and stopped at the
truck stop for breakfast. After a leisurely morning
meal we were back on the road in search of a trap.
The Lord was feeling my pain because we found a
trap with a picture of a raccoon on the label that
was made in the U.S.A., included a bonus smaller
trap inside, and was on sale for half price!


But there was another bonus. The trap listed that
raccoons, opossums, feral cats, groundhogs,
armadillos, and muskrats could be caught with the
trap. So if I ever find an armadillo in the base-
ment I won’t need another trap.

While I was feeling blessed and lucky I decided to
seek out a pair of rubber boots since I’d had no
luck yesterday. You got it. Not only did they have
the rubber boots in my size, they were made in the
U.S.A., and on sale. And people say they hate this
Comments are always welcome.


The critter has been captured, and hauled away.


Last seen it was running as fast as it could and
I can only imagine to get away from me.


2 Responses to Cruiser 1, raccoon 0

  1. ekurie says:

    yup, same kind I had. works for squirrels, too

  2. cruisin2 says:

    we hope so. It’s in the basement and baited, now we wait.

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