Weekend update


After another beautiful day here on the east coast
of Iowa we almost forgot to post about upcoming
events. The drizzle only lasted all day and the
temperature never got out of the 60s. So here are
some events.

Ongoing through tomorrow is the Bloomington Gold
Covette Show & Swap at the Indianapolis Motor
Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Also ongoing through tomorrow is the 8th Annual
Heartland Nova Reunion held at the Marriott Hotel
in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Ongoing through Sunday is the Street Machine
Nationals held at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds in
Du Quion, Illinois.

If you were planning to attend the Wheels for
Wegener’s Car Show the venue has been moved. During
recent storms lightning took out the timing system
at Cordova International Raceway,

The show was set up to benifit the Van Zuiden
family and has been moved to JP’s Landing, 102 N.
Main Street in Albany, Illinois. The event will
run Saturday from noon to 5 pm.

Saturday is also the Freedom Celebration Car Show
at the Hennepin Canal Parkway in Colona, Illinois.

Saturday and Sunday is the 3rd Annual Maquoketa
Motor Madness at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in
Maquoketa, Iowa.

There are many more event but our mind wanders.
Ever seen a 1937 Horch? Now you can say you have.

We always thought the 1948 Daimler DE-36 “Green
Goddess” was a futuristic looking car for the day.

If you are of a certain age you may remember when
“surf” music was popular and then merged with hot
rod music in the 60’s. The following is one such
song from the Rip Chords recorded in 1964.

That concludes our update and now we’re fixing a
pizza. Enjoy your weekend.
Comments are always welcome.


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