Buying American?


We have been down this road before but the new
Kogod Made In America Auto Index is out and we’ll
bring it up again.

This index from the Kogod School of Business tells
us how “American” our cars are. They compute in
the following:

1. Profit Margin: Where the automaker’s global
headquarters is located. This is relevant as profits
from cars return to the shareholders in the home
country. (6 percent)

2. Labor: Location of assembly, included as the money
supports workers in this country. (6 percent)

3. Location of Research & Development activities:
Essentially, where the headquarters is located.
(6 percent)

4. Inventory, Capital and Other Expenses: the
location of assembly. (11 percent)

5. Engine: The location of production.
(14 percent)

6. Transmission: The location of production.
(7 percent)

7. Body, Chassis and Electrical Components:
The location of where they are made. (50 percent)

Who won?

It is a tie for the most American vehicle with the
Ford F-series pickup and the Chevrolet Corvette
sharing the top honor with a score of 87.5. That
is followed by the Buick Enclave with an 86, the
Chevrolet Traverse with an 86, the GMC Acadia with
an 86, and the GMC Denali Acadia also with an 86.

Who lost?

The Ford Transit Connect came in 67th with a score
of 14.5. At 66th is the Chevrolet SS with a 15.5
and tied with that is the Chevrolet Caprice also
at 15.5. At 65th is the Chevrolet Spark with a
16, and the Ford Fiesta took 64th with a 22.

The Dodge Avenger is the first Chrysler product
shown with an 82.

Other makes are covered but we’ve always equated
the Big 3 with the words “American Made. The list
is long and the makes and models are varied. For
the entire list go to the link above.

If you are thinking of buying a new vehicle you
may want to make this index part of your research.
The times they are a changing.
Comments are always welcome.

5 Responses to Buying American?

  1. ekurie says:

    I am stuck in 2008 when GM took huge government bailouts and became Government Motors and Ford did not need one cent.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    the wife has a 2007.

  3. Hammer says:

    Love your blog. Go check out and go to the movie vehicle of the week. I think you’ll enjoy it

  4. nitrous55 says:

    Tin foil hat time. Malin wants to leave and take the quarter million with him. He deserves it since he is able to get critics to focus on him and not the council (who tells him what to do). If he quits, he get nothing. Next option, council fires him and the voters blame them for the quarter million payout they put in his contract.

    Don’t worry, Barney is going to save the day. The council negotiates Malin’s resignation and they give him a nice severance packages. Not a quarter million, but nice. Everyone but the taxpayer wins. And we vote them back in November.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. I’ll check out the link.

    can’t argue with most of your comment. So many people are worked up over this that some might not get another term.

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