Circus confusion


After doing a little research on our Mayor’s hissy
fit that prompted a city council meeting tonight to
vote on removing our city administrator and city
attorney I admit to being confused. I may be wrong,
but here’s what I came up with.

The developer wanted a site off Brady that was
on a paved road, already graded, and had utilities
run to it yet somehow chose an undeveloped site that
needed a $4 million dollar road to get to it plus
grading work done and utilities run to it.

Only one Alderman claims he attended all the
meetings, did his homework, and knew the extra work
was part of the deal. The rest of the council
relied solely on greensheets and the same
information the one Alderman had. And after all
that it is somehow the fault of the city
administrator and city attorney that others didn’t
understand said developer would want utilities and

I have no car in this race but it seems to me like
the city council and not our administrator or
attorney fumbled this one. It also appears the Mayor
is mad because he may have to talk tax increases in
an election year.

We’ll still do our upcoming events post for things
involving car shows and cruises later today, but if
someone could clear up my confusion it would be
Comments are always welcome.


3 Responses to Circus confusion

  1. Jon Gregory says:

    Haha yes. This whole business is going to get pretty interesting 🙂

  2. nitrous55 says:

    Still say Malin and Warner are just doing their job. They take the fall and get a nice severance package. Why is the meeting at 5:30 today? So we have all weekend to cool off.

    We vote them all back in November.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    Jon Gregory,
    yes it is.

    we have no idea why it is this afternoon. Some of the Aldermen don’t even know why.

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