You got a what?


Last week was so great I had no idea what was in
store for me this week. Turns out that sometimes
what we think isn’t necessarily the way things are.

Sunday our youngest son posted online that they
got a “Room In A Box” for the baby. My mind raced
as I envisioned a big rollback truck backing up to
the house and sliding a humongous box off the back,
attaching it to the house, then taking the box
sides away to reveal a room.

So I asked the wife “What in the hell is a room in
a box?” And she replied that it was indeed a box,
but much smaller than imagined, containing a crib,
dresser, and dressing table. Boy did that burst my
bubble. I’d almost pay to see my version.

Then Monday while at the kitchen table we heard
the doorbell ring and Dad walked in. After getting
him a cup of coffee and refilling mine we talked.
So I said “The kids got a Room In A Box”.

I looked at the Antique Farmer and realized he was
having a vision similar to mine and waited. Sure
enough his first words were “What in the hell is a
room in a box?” After the wife told him he said
“what will they think of next?”.

If the rest of the week is going to be like this,
bring it on.
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