Of cars, tanks, and music

We haven’t made any shows yet this year so we
cruise the information highway instead. Here is a
little of what we’ve found this time.

Looks like rat rods are going to be around for a
while and some of them are pretty wild. We heard
about this 57′ Chevy wagon some time ago and
finally found a video.

Ever seen a fast 1969 Mercedes 280S? There is at
least one in Australia.

Something else we don’t see much anymore is a
Corvair racing engine. This one squeezes 390 hp out
of 190 cubic inches at 9,000 rpm.

We’ve all heard of barn finds, but this one is
beyond believable. These will be on sale June 12,
2015 at the Motostalgia Auction in Indianapolis..

How about a Corvette that runs the 1/8 track in
3.97 seconds at 194 mph on drag radials? Sounds
impressive to us.

I hadn’t heard of the invisible tank until I
watched this short video.

In keeping with the theme our song to share is
“Rat Rods from Hell” by Sweden’s Astrolites.

Drive no faster than your guardian angel can fly
and watch the potholes.
Comments are always welcome.


One Response to Of cars, tanks, and music

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Going fast on a bunch of potholes is great fun. LOL

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