A great day


We always have to have a plan B. Today was another
beautiful day and I had a plan. Dad stopped over
yesterday for a chat and coffee so I told him I’d
stop by his place this morning.

Just as I was ready to go the doorbell rang as a
friend came in and eyed the coffee pot. So of
course we sat and had coffee while we talked.

After he left it was too late to visit Dad as
it was his nap time so I decided to get some yard
work done. Brand new machete in hand I decided to
trim back some rose bushes that were overtaking one
corner of the yard.

I must have looked liked I was kung fu fighting as
my arms went into positions not normal to the
human body when I noticed the roses were blooming.
So I cut a few buds off and took them into the
house to give the wife.

She quickly put them in water and we are waiting
for the buds to open. That was when we noticed I
looked like I was arm wrestling with a porcupine.
Blood was running down both arms from what looked
like a thousand punctures.

So after cleaning up it was decided my war with
the roses was suspended for the day. I went out
later and glanced up to sky and noticed the clouds.

Clouds have been around since the beginning of
time I would imagine and man has probably been
staring at them for eons, but it was a sight to
behold. The view made me think it was a great day
to be alive. Hope you had a great day too.
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2 Responses to A great day

  1. Grumpa Joe says:

    The right kind of clouds can make anyone’s day brighter.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Grumpa Joe,
    well said.

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