We like to read about people who use their head
for something other than a hat rat. The thinkers,
the dreamers, the ones who take “it can’t be done”
not as a threat but a challenge.

So when we read someone stuffed a jet engine into
a Mini Cooper and took it to the track we had to
investigate. And we found out a few things out
along that path.

First our imagination kicked in and we thought of
a fire breathing, tire shredding little Mini at the
drag strip. After all, they were smart enough to
complete the car.

But sometimes intelligence and common sense don’t
necessarily go hand in hand. As the video went on
we noticed something and knew there would be a

We didn’t need our imagination or dreams to
discovered they opened up the jet engine on a road
course track! We don’t know if it was the only
track around or if the driver honestly thought he
could shut it down in time. But it did make for an
interesting, albeit short, video.
Perhaps this driver will run for president.
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2 Responses to Imagination

  1. nitrous55 says:

    They ran jets at Indy. Ran well for most of the race.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    those things are really impressive at night.

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