Weekend wrap up

We’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger
all weekend and it looks to continue. So we’ll just
hits some highlights of what happened, or didn’t
and call it done.


You may have heard that earlier in the week the
USS Arizona Memorial was damaged when it was struck
by the USNS Mercy. It was also thought the Arizona
itself was hit but divers found it hadn’t.

The 894 foot long ship has only one screw
(propeller) which makes it clumsy in close
quarters. The dock used to enter the Memorial was
damaged and visitor traffic to the Memorial has
been halted until June 4th when repairs are done.

We also read a book that was a little different
from that which we normally peruse. It was titled
“My Honor Flight” The remarkable stories of Buzz
Company, by Dan McCurrigan.

It is about a young soldier due to deploy to
Afghanistan who was an escort for his great-
grandfather on an Honor Flight to the World War II
Memorial, recollections of war from the elder man,
and what transpired once they got there. We highly
recommend it but will forewarn you that in places
you may shed a tear.

We also had a friend share a video that we didn’t
think would interest us concerning wind turbines.
Once it got started though, we got interested. So
here it is.

And the FBI has released their annual Snapshot of
Internet Crimes. The FBI handled an
average of 22,000 complaints a month during 2014.

We could go on but are in need of pizza, and since
I got a new pizza oven, there is no time like the
Comments are always welcome.


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