Some days

Sometimes when the fickle finger of fate pokes you
it’s a good thing. I was on the pity pot earlier
because my search for another project is going
nowhere fast. Then I cruised the information
highway and discovered it didn’t matter.

I was thinking of the days when cars didn’t have
power steering or power brakes and the dimmer
switch was on the floor. Thanks to some friends
sharing videos and the places they took me I’m a
much calmer person now and will share some of them
with you.

The first video is about the Model T and how it
looks 100 years later. If you watch it I’m sure
you’ll agree we’ve come a long way since then.

Another one, oddly enough, is about a bicycle. It
is well worth watching just to see people try to
figure out how to ride it. The bike was engineered
to steer in the opposite direction the handlebars
are turned! Doesn’t sound hard to figure out, but
the results are funny to watch.

And even a short video from Toyota about hydrogen
powered vehicles is interesting. It’s called
“Fueled by Bullsh*t”.

Then this short one shows a blown Mopar idling up
to a parking spot. It has an idle so mean it chirps
the tires.

We don’t speak Russian, but this is one of the
biggest ATVs we’ve ever seen.

And because I also like guns, here is a video of
a lady attempting a 200 yard shot with a handgun.
You’ll have to watch the video to see if she makes

We’ll end once again with a song. You may remember
“The More I Turn The Bottle Up” by Mickey Gilley.

Project? Too busy to look, I have a few more
videos to get through.
Comments are always welcome.


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