Their week

It was announced this week the number of police
officers killed jumped by at least 56% in 2014 from
the previous year. We find it ironic that this was
mentioned during National Police Week. We give a
heartfelt thank you to all members of law


On the Davenport Police Department facebook page
is the following:

“Place a blue light in your window, make sure it is blue.
Reminding friends an officer gave a life for you. Give
light to their remembrance, the color is sad. To family
left by officers who knew them as mom or dad. It isn’t the
money, most definitely not the hours. They aren’t comic
book heroes with unnatural powers. They’re simply human
beings placing life on the line. Place a blue light in
your window, may their memory shine!”
-Gene Rooney.

We’ll go a little farther and say that if you see
a police officer give them a friendly wave and not
shoot them the bird.
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2 Responses to Their week

  1. nitrous55 says:

    A former alderman may want to give some a hand gesture that they are number one.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    lol, a few come to mind.

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