Sometimes we wonder

A friend shared a video that I believe explains
our country’s current woes better than anything
else I’ve heard. It was published a year ago and
shares the views of visiting student from China.

You can say you are an atheist and are offended by
this short video but the truth is this video makes
some very valid points.

Religion is critical to the functioning of
democracy, and most of us do voluntarily obey the
laws the of our land. Some may argue ours is not a
true democracy and that may be true, but it is a
form of democracy.

So please watch the video, it’s only a little over
a minute and a half, to see if you don’t agree.
Yes, we have other problems and some countries hate
us, but this may be the cause not the symptom.

We haven’t said much about the debacle in
Baltimore for that very reason. The events that
occurred there are not the root of the problem.
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