Sunday snicker


Three guys are at the gates of Heaven, and God tells
them, “We have a special today! If you died a
terrible death, you’re in for free.” So God asks the
first guy his story.

“I was a hard working man and a loving husband, but
I began to suspect that my wife was cheating on me.
One day, I called in sick to work and left for home
to hide and closely watch my apartment. I saw a man
go in, and I decided to wait a few minutes to catch
them in the act. Then, I started banging on my door.

They wouldn’t open it, so I broke down the door and
walked in to see my wife sitting naked, but the man
wasn’t in sight. I went to the balcony, where I saw
a naked man hanging on the edge. I began to stomp on
his hands until he fell down, but there were bushes,
so I got my fridge and tossed it on him. In the
process of tossing the fridge, I also fell over and

God replies, “Wow, that’s pretty bad, finding out
your wife cheated and falling off your balcony. You

The second guy says, “God, my only crime was that I
enjoyed dancing naked in my apartment while eating
pickles out of the jar. I was doing just that one day,
when I slipped on a pickle and fell over my balcony.
Luckily, I was able to grab on to the ledge below mine.
After a few minutes, a man came and I thought he was
going to rescue me, but he began to stomp on my hands.
I fell, but luckily, I fell into the bushes. I thought
I had survived, but that man threw a fridge at me and
I died!”

God replies, “Wow, that’s very cruel, being crushed to

The third man says, “I died naked in a fridge.”
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