Checking it out

I recently mentioned a friend gave me a book by
Elbert Hubbard published in 1927. After perusing
the book I’ve come to the conclusion that if he
were alive today we would get along great.


Here are a few quotes from “The Notebook of Elbert
Hubbard”. These are from the Roycroft Dictionary.

Anarchist: Any man who wears his opinion pompadour.

College: A place where you have to go in order to
find out that there is nothing in it.

Divorce: One of the beneficient results of

Devil: A god who has been bounced for conduct
unbecoming a gentleman.

Epitaph: 1. Postponed compliments. 2. Postmortem
bull con. 3. Qualifying for the Ananias Club.

Farmer: 1. A man who raises early feed for potato
bugs. 2. One who supplies raw stock for vaudeville
jokes. (Farms were first devised as an excuse for
the Agricultural Department at Washington).

Ingrate: Any person who has gotten something for
nothing, and wants more on the same terms.

Litigation: A form of hell whereby money is
transferred from the pockets of the proletariat to
that of lawyers.

Morality: The line of conduct that pays.

Nancy: A person of neither sex, who yet combines
the bad qualities of both.

Optimist: A man who does not care what happens, so
long as it doesn’t happen to him.

Public Opinion: The judgment of the incapable many
opposed to that of the discerning few.

Sanity: The ability to do team work.

Vacation: A period of increased and pleasurable
activity when your wife is at the seashore.

Villager: Any man laboring under the illusion that
he is very wise and infinitely clever.

Wit: The the thing that fractures many a

Work: A plan of God to circumvent the Devil.

And those are a few pearls of wisdom from the pen
of Elbert Hubbard. We’ll add but one more.

Our admiration is so given to dead martyrs that we
have little time for living heroes.
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