Plan B


The picture needs an explanation and I’ll call
it plan B. Towards the end of the first full day
without the wife I decided to make supper. Usually
that involves going to freezer and grabbing a pizza
to heat up.

But this evening I decided to shake it up a bit
and wanted photographic proof of my meal. I made
sure the camera battery was charged, put it within
easy reach, and prepared my feast.

Now the main reason I wanted photographic proof is
because supper included a salad. The wife would
never believe I ate a salad unless a loaded gun was
pointed at my head so proof was needed.

So I fried up cheddar crusted boneless pork chops,
heated up twice baked potatoes, and made a salad.
But it looked so good I forgot the camera and ate
the evidence! This resulted in going to plan B.

That involved one of two options. I could
duplicate the entire meal and photograph the clone,
or I could just say I did and don’t. Thus is the
reasoning behind the photo of the front of my
sweatshirt. If you look close you can almost
see it smiling because of the good meal.

I really hope the wife buys this story so I can
get my yearly recommended serving of salad out of
the way. We’ll all know when she gets back in town
Friday. Either way, it was good.
Comments are always welcome.


7 Responses to Plan B

  1. The GMLA says:

    I love honesty.

  2. me too but i don’t think that his wife will believe him lol

  3. The GMLA says:

    I believe so why not the wife?

  4. QC Ghost says:

    So . . . (caugh, caugh) . . . who took the picture? That’s the part that’ll need explaining.

  5. cruisin2 says:

    The GMLA,
    the wife won’t believe me ever since I told her it doesn’t cost anything to look at an old car. I ended up buying it.

    the wife knows me better.

    I took a sweatshirt selfie.

  6. Well, now that he has evidence he is believable BUT if he never ate salad before then its kinda hard to believe!!

  7. cruisin2 says:

    we’ve been married for 27 years and the wife has seen me eat 3 salads so it’s not impossible.

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