Time to get busy

The weekend is almost over and the work week will
begin. The holiday feast leftovers are neatly
stored away for later consumption and the dress
clothes are neatly hung back up.

Around here, on the east coast of Iowa, that means
yard work tomorrow. It has been too windy and dry to
burn brush so we’ll tie it in bundles to be picked

And of course we’re that much closer to the
elections so the campaigning will start heating up.
It was announced last week that the Mayor will have
a serious contender to deal with after his State of
the City speech Monday.

Our street is scheduled to be reopened tomorrow so
things may return to the organized chaos that is
life in our neighborhood. We are just glad the sink
hole has been repaired.

We will soon start listing upcoming events on
Fridays and will also bring back the Sunday

People that know me also know I have the weird
engine gene that draws my ears to unusual sounding
engines. Since we’re from Iowa, that includes farm
tractors with strange engines. So here is a video
of pulling tractor with a radial airplane engine
doing its first pull.

Remember: we’re only young once, but if we refuse
to grow up we can be immature forever.
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