Doctor visits


A woman and a baby were in the doctor’s examining
room, waiting for the doctor to come in for the
baby’s first exam.

The doctor arrived, and examined the baby, checked
his weight, and being a little concerned, asked if
the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed. ‘Breast-
fed,’ she replied..

‘Well, strip down to your waist,’ the doctor ordered.

She did. He pinched her nipples, pressed, kneaded,
and rubbed both breasts for a while in a very
professional and detailed examination.

Motioning to her to get dressed, the doctor said,
‘No wonder this baby is underweight.
You don’t have any milk.’

I know,’ she said, ‘I’m his Grandma,

But I’m glad I came.

As a new, young MD doing his residency in OB.
I was quite embarrassed when performing female
pelvic exams…. To cover my embarrassment
I had unconsciously formed a habit of whistling softly.

The middle-aged lady upon whom I was performing
this exam suddenly burst out laughing
and further embarrassing me.
I looked up from my work and sheepishly said. . .
‘ I’m sorry. Was I tickling you?’
She replied with tears running down
her cheeks from laughing so hard . . …

‘ No doctor but the song you were whistling was . . …
‘ I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener .’

I was performing rounds at the
hospital one morning and while checking
up on a man I asked . . .’ So how’s your
breakfast this morning?’ “It’s very good
except for the Kentucky Jelly. I can’t seem
to get used to the taste,” Bob replied.
I then asked to see the jelly and Bob produced
a foil packet labeled ‘KY Jelly.’

Tomorrow we will try to be serious, or not.
And a thank you to the friend who shared these.
Comments are always welcome.


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