Sign of the times


Businesses have signs. Across the front is their
logo and the door usually has a sign with hours of
operation and so on. It has been this way for as
long as I remember.

I am of an age that I recall signs on some of the
local businesses that stated “We reserve the right
to refuse service to anyone”. This sign did not
cause protests, lawsuits, or short news alerts on
the local TV station. We understood and found a
place that would give us the service we required.

Because of that, we don’t understand all the
attention being paid to the law in Indiana. Here on
the east coast of Iowa, it looks like yet another
instance of a group looking for a cause.

If we understand correctly Indiana passed a
religious freedom bill, the gay/lesbian crowd are
saying it discriminates, and once again the law may
be amended to include no discrimination.

It seems to me that too many people are acting
like the north end of a south bound horse. Here’s
the deal, go to another business that will give you
what you want and tell your friends about the one
that wouldn’t.

We don’t know what all this is coming to but we
wish people would use their head for something
other than a hat rack.
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3 Responses to Sign of the times

  1. QC Ghost says:

    Protesters just need a break from their mom’s dark, damp, nasty basement.

  2. I almost forgot about those signs! (They only seem to put them in saloons where I live now, to warn overindulgent customers.)

  3. cruisin2 says:

    good point.

    Invisible Mikey,
    thanks for sharing the clip. Must have missed that part of the movie.

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