Sunday snicker


Mendelson was a devout man—went to every service,
prayed every prayer, said every blessing required
of him. But he could not make a go of it. He
started businesses, and they failed. He worked at
a restaurant, and it closed.

Meanwhile, his cousin Bernie was a gambler, a
womanizer, and a tax cheat. Yet Bernie had a big
house in the suburbs, two luxury cars, a time share
in Boca, and membership in a country club.

One day, Bernie announced he’d won the lottery.
Finally, Mendelson had had enough. He stormed into
the synagogue. “Lord, I don’t understand,” he
shouted. “I do what the law says I should do. Every
morning and every night I pray to you for the
fortitude to go on, for the strength to survive my
challenges, and ask for the bounty of Your blessing.
And yet here I am, laid low, and Bernie gets
everything. Why, Lord, why?

And the Lord said, “Bernie doesn’t pester me day
and night, that’s why.”
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